We offer a custom security package and insurance policy.

     Security Package

    We retrofit your property with our hardware and security package.

    At QuickStay, we don’t want you sitting poolside on vacation, worrying about your investment. That’s why we do everything we can to guarantee the safety and security of your property—say hello to peace of mind.


    We start by analyzing the guest and their reservation in a non discriminatory way using artificial intelligence. We make sure that the guests are who they say they are, understand exactly where they’re going and agree to all the house rules. The guests acknowledge the rules through a legally binding contract digitally signed through our guest portal. Guests must agree to the rules. They only receive the check-in instructions when we’re confident that the booking will not result in any offences or violations. We take offenders very seriously and will evict guests if necessary.


    All of our properties are outfitted with a technology package designed to automate the check-in process for guests, keeping it efficient and secure. Before entering the suite, guests send a check-in command to let us know they’ve arrived. Each property’s front door is secured  with a smart lock that we can open from anywhere at anytime for verified guests. This ensures only the correct guests enter the suite, and allows us to assist them remotely providing the best experience possible. During events that have previously resulted in a violation of our rules, like New Year’s Eve and Labour Day Weekend, we add an extra layer of security, sending our team to greet the guests and confirm the house rules in person.


    During the guests entire stay, the property is constantly monitored. Thanks to our in-suite noise sensors, we’re able to monitor guest activity day and night. The sensors work particularly well during popular city-wide events when you’re most likely to receive risky reservations. Our trained team keeps tabs throughout the entire reservation, preventing disruptive and potentially harmful incidents before they happen.


    The in-suite noise sensors automatically set a volume threshold. If the threshold is abnormal, our monitoring team receives a notification. We then send a warning message to the noisy guests, assessing the situation and asking them to quiet down. We find that in most cases, guests are simply unaware that they are being loud. This helps us stay friends with our neighbours and promote a sense of community.


    By first sending a warning message, we’re able to question the guest, discerning whether they’re throwing a late-night party or just watching an episode of Jerry Springer with the volume cranked. If the noise persists, we send the guests an SMS message, and finally a phone call. Guests must lower the noise and acknowledge our messages, otherwise we dispatch our on-call security team to handle the situation. They are professionally trained to protect your property. Violators of our rules are permanently evicted and removed from the premises. We have a zero-tolerance policy for rule breaking.



    Dedicated Insurance

    You and your property are protected under a dedicated insurance policy.

    Running a short term rental is a business, and it should be protected in the event of an accident; pipes burst, leaks happen, and people slip and fall inside of units. That’s why you want a property management company with an insurance policy that covers everything, including its own negligence, which is exactly what QuickStay offers. Our dedicated property management insurance policy has unprecedented coverage—not found anywhere else in the industry. It was designed specifically for our company based on our screening methods, technology and applied industry best practices confirmed by our immaculate track record.


    Our policy, backed by the company who invented insurance, Lloyds of London, is bonded by a $5 million CGL that covers the property, the guest, our business practices, the owner and the building. The policy is dedicated towards the operation of short-term rentals. We even have coverage for items not found anywhere else, like guest negligence, vandalism and malicious intent, making sure your property is always protected.


    For unanticipated issues like flooding or other disasters, our policy even covers business interruption insurance. That way, if we’re temporarily unable to rent out your property due to unforeseen issues, we’ve still got you covered. Safety and security is QuickStay’s number one priority and we take no shortcuts. We refuse to compromise.


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