We've perfected the turnover so suites are always guest-ready


    The guest sends an SMS to inform QuickStay they've checked out.

    At the end of a guest’s stay, we want to leave them with a lasting impression. That’s why, at QuickStay, we make checkouts as effortless as check-ins. Once the guest leaves the suite, they send an SMS message, letting us know they’ve checked out. By staying on top of checkouts, we’re able to swiftly prepare the suite for the next guest, ensuring a seamless turnover process.


    Guests are encouraged to make the most of their stay, but if they need to check out early, we immediately update our team of cleaners, getting them in the suite as soon as possible. This makes room for more flexibility in our schedule, giving us a buffer between guests and allowing us the luxury of offering early check-ins.



    Post-Stay Clean

    Our professional cleaners make the space feel like new.

    We want every guest who walks into a QuickStay suite to have that “awe” moment. The kind of reaction that leaves them excited for their stay. To guarantee this reaction, our professionally trained cleaners scour every corner and crevice of the property, leaving the suite looking and feeling brand new.

    To guarantee your suite is left sparkling, the cleaners dust all shelves, wipe down counters, vacuum the floor, and polish every surface. Our towels and linens are professionally laundered and restocked so we always have fresh ones available. As a final step, the team sets up the suite with our home essentials, including shampoo, conditioner, soap and toilet paper. This way, guests can keep their luggage light.

    Our cleaners are diligent and detail-oriented. Throughout the cleaning process, they document their work, leaving no margin for error. At QuickStay, we want our suites to feel liveable, never lived in.



    We re-inspect the suite for quality assurance.

    Once the cleaners are satisfied with their work, our operations team enters with a quality assurance checklist. This is our way of maintaining high standards in our suites. To guarantee each guest receives the full QuickStay Experience, our operations team thoroughly checks every detail of the property. We compare our listing to the real thing, ensuring we’re keeping our promises to guests.

    They make sure the property has been cleaned spotless, noting any areas that may need extra attention. If there is something in need of a touch-up or replacement, our operations team handles it well before the next guest arrives.

    We go above and beyond to guarantee the ultimate guest experience. By re-inspecting each suite before the next guest checks in, we ensure the quality of our properties stays nothing short of immaculate.


    Next Guest

    The next guest checks into a clean, fresh and quality-assured suite.

    QuickStay welcomes thousands of guests each year, and we work hard to impress every single one of them. In order to create consistently exceptional experiences for our guests, we make all reservations our priority. That’s why our guests keep coming back.

    Once a guest checks in, we check in with the guest. By touching base, we’re showing the guest we care, while making sure they have everything they need. If something’s missing, we send our operations team in to take care of it.

    Throughout the stay, we encourage guests to let us know how we’re doing, and how we can improve. Feedback is the only way we can make the experience better. Five-star reviews don’t come easy, but we’re up for the challenge.


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