The guest checks in, beginning their 5-star luxury experience

    Guest Experience

    From booking to checkout, we guarantee an exceptional guest experience.

    With our 5-star reputation, QuickStay guests expect 5-star stays—so that’s what we provide. As hospitality experts, we have crafted a luxurious guest experience that begins the moment guests step through the door.


    But before you welcome your first guest, our team of hospitality experts gets together to plan the perfect stay. With a few brainstorming sessions, we compile a list of the must-haves for a high-end, luxury accommodation. We imagine ourselves in the guest’s shoes as we figure out what makes a 5-star experience. We want guests to feel at home in their QuickStay suite. That’s why each of our properties is uniquely designed to offer guests unparalleled comfort.


    By designing an efficient guest experience, we’re able to guarantee every guest has an incredible stay. From seamless check-ins to liveable spaces for any traveller, QuickStay has you covered.



    Check-in Instructions

    The guest receives detailed check-in instructions for their stay.

    Checking into a short-term rental can be a daunting experience full of uncertainties. What if the guest can’t find the suite? What if the key doesn’t work? What if the guest shows up before the agreed check-in time? That’s why we provide guests with all the information they need prior to check-in, guaranteeing the process is easy and stress-free.

    Two days before check-in, guests receive an email with detailed instructions for their stay. These include check-in and checkout information, parking details, descriptions of amenities, and our house rules.

    We use the instructions to reinforce our expectations for the guest’s stay. This helps us prevent parties and property damage, ensuring the guest experience goes as planned. If anything is unclear, guests can contact our guest support team using the contact details provided in the email.


    Guest Arrival (Part I)

    The guest arrives at the property, sending an SMS command to unlock the suite door.

    Thanks to QuickStay, travel day is a breeze! Every suite is outfitted with a smart lock, making the check-in process quick, easy and hassle-free. With a simple SMS message, guests can access their suite, kickstarting their luxury experience. Consider key exchanges a thing of the past! With our smart lock technology, we can control and monitor your door from anywhere, at anytime.

    Guest Arrival (Part II)

    The guest walks into a high-end, beautifully-prepared suite.

    At QuickStay, we understand the importance of first impressions. After all, the guest’s initial thoughts on the suite have the power to dictate the rest of their stay. That’s why we work diligently to perfect the guest’s first interaction with the space.

    Upon arrival, the guest uses one of our seamless self check-in solutions to enter the suite. These are designed for the guest’s convenience and security, and allow us to monitor exactly who is entering the property. Once inside, guests are greeted by a pristine suite with sparkling floors, clean towels and fresh linens. Our design team’s winning touch leaves the suite feeling like a home away from home, only more luxurious.

    No matter who is checking into a QuickStay suite, we make sure their first impression is memorable. That’s why our guests keep coming back.


    Welcome Guide

    Guests receive a suite-specific guidebook for their stay.

    Each unique QuickStay suite offers a one-of-a-kind experience in some of the most trendy neighbourhoods. To help guests navigate the suite and surrounding area, we provide a suite-specific guidebook.


    The guidebook provides helpful tips and tricks, outlining how to use in-suite appliances, where the hottest attractions are, and how to get around the city. The guidebook also lists safety information, like where the nearest exits are, important local phone numbers, and what to do in case of an emergency.


    If the guest has any questions that fall outside the parameters of the guidebook, our guest support team is always on-call and happy to help.


    Add-On Services

    Our services extend far beyond nightly accommodations.

    Our suites are situated in some of the most incredible locations, and we want guests to take advantage. Beyond nightly accommodations, we offer a range of additional services designed to enhance their experience.

    For guests looking to add that extra touch of extravagance, they can book one of the many add-on services listed on our website. These include: luxury car rentals, tour booking, grocery delivery, alcohol stocking and more.

    If guests are in town for a special occasion, we encourage them to reach out and let us know. We want to make their trip as memorable as possible. That’s how QuickStay takes short-term stays to the next level.

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