We inspect your property to ensure it meets our high standards

     Property Inspection

    Checklist in hand, we walk through your property, inspecting it for quality and potential.

    All of QuickStay’s suites have been professionally inspected and vetted to meet our high standards for quality. That’s the only way to ensure we have the best collection of luxury suites available for our guests.


    QuickStay’s properties are top-quality vacation homes, professionally designed for high-end travellers. We seek out the city’s finest short-term rentals to list online, promoting them through our website and over 150 booking websites around the world. Once published, travellers can book the condo, house or cottage of their dreams with just the click of a button.


    Here’s how it works:


    With years of industry experience, we know which property types are the top performers in the market—we’ve seen them all. By targeting the best neighbourhoods and buildings, we bring in the highest daily rates. We’ve learned that a two-bedroom condo is more popular than a studio apartment, and a prime downtown location always outperforms the suburbs. These are things we keep in mind before even setting up the inspection. We learn about your property and if we determine that a partnership would be profitable, we’ll move forward. But if it’s not the right fit, we’ll give you the honest truth. We value your time.


    If we determine your property qualifies for our services, we set up an in-person meet and greet with you and your space. When we arrive at your property, we tour every area, taking detailed notes along the way. As specialists in short-term rentals, our operations team conducts the most thorough and accurate property inspection in the business. With pen and paper in hand, we inspect the property top to bottom to ensure it checks all of our boxes.  


    This is an excellent opportunity for our team to get acquainted with your property, both inside and out. Using a property inspection report, we share pivotal details with our team back in the office. If we decide to move forward with your property, this information helps streamline the onboarding process.


    When we tour your space, we look at it through the eyes of a guest. What do travellers look for when they book accommodations? Is the property spacious? Are there building amenities? Can you offer outdoor space? These are all things we consider.


    If you have a property that you’re interested in renting out short-term, we’d love to hear from you!




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