We use digital marketing and price optimization to book your suite

    Digital Marketing

    Our in-house digital marketing team guarantees maximum exposure for your property.

    Your property is stunning—let’s show it off. Our in-house digital marketing gurus pull out all the stops to guarantee maximum exposure for your property. They craft inviting descriptions of your space and neighbourhood, attracting guests by highlighting your property’s best features.


    Once your listing is live, we boost its online visibility on booking channels by leveraging channel promotions, geo rates and paid ads. This ensures your property hovers at the top of booking channel search lists. Our goal is to get your property as many reservations as possible. More traffic to your listing translates into more reservations and larger monthly payouts.


    Our marketing team is fully devoted to filling up your property’s calendar month after month. Even during the winter season when bookings slow down, we set aside extra time and budget to promote your property. At QuickStay, we’ve developed some of the most creative marketing strategies out there. We use content marketing and social media marketing to interact and engage with current and future guests. By building a relationship between our brand and consumers, we develop trust in our accommodations, thereby bringing in more bookings.



    Revenue Management

    Our revenue management team ensures you receive the highest returns.

    In the short-term rental industry, it’s all about reading the market. You need a property management company that has its finger on the industry’s pulse. A company that can guarantee you’ll receive the highest returns possible. That’s why you need QuickStay. Our in-house revenue management team uses advanced analytics, AI and competitive data sets to optimize pricing, guaranteeing the highest average daily rates (ADRs).


    When putting your property on the short-term rental market, we take all revenue management factors into account, including seasonality, market demand, booking window and traveller profile. An experienced property management company doesn’t pull prices from thin air. We determine the rates for your property by analyzing an intricate system of data points. We compare daily rates with nearby hotels, vacation rentals, and property management competitors on booking channels, like Airbnb and Expedia, to ensure competitive prices.


    QuickStay’s rates are never stagnant. Using our knowledge of the city and its popular events, we use dynamic pricing to anticipate demand, adjusting our prices accordingly. On weekends—when bookings tend to be more frequent—we mark up the prices, bringing in high-end, high-paying guests instead of partiers. During peak season, when the weather is hot and the streets are bustling, we significantly increase rates even more to reach record ADRs.


    In the dreary winter months, when property management companies tend to crumble, we use a number of effective pricing optimization techniques to keep revenue rolling in. At QuickStay, we lower prices well before the slow season to guarantee the highest occupancy rates. And if a property is left open, we offer last-minute discounts to attract down-to-the-wire reservations—something we’re able to do with our unique-to-the-industry guest screening procedure.


    Bottom line: You need a property management company that knows how to manage revenue. That’s where QuickStay comes in. Experts in the industry, we have what it takes to make your property a success. Using a top pricing optimization software, we’ve crafted a unique revenue management strategy designed specifically for the short-term rental industry. At QuickStay, we know what your property is worth, so we’ll never undersell it.


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