We set up your property, transforming it into a 5-star suite

     Initial Cleaning

    After inspecting your property, we give it a deep clean, making it sparkle for guests.

    Once your property receives the QuickStay stamp of approval, we schedule its initial deep clean. Our professional and highly-skilled team of cleaners are the best in the biz, bonded and insured under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. They scour every corner and crevice of the space—from the baseboards to the refrigerator shelves—leaving everything spotless. The team double checks all work, ensuring your property meets our high standards of cleanliness. We want to leave your property looking and feeling brand new, giving guests the first impression they deserve.


    After taking on a new property, we do everything it takes to create an incredible experience for our guests, transforming the space into a luxury short-term rental. Throughout our years of operation, we’ve come to understand our guests and their expectations. We know what makes them tick, what makes them happy, and what makes them leave a 5-star review. But most of all, we know that after a long day of travel, our guests expect to walk into a suite that smells and feels fresh.


    To guarantee these 5-star experiences, we know we have to provide a 5-star clean. Our mission is to create a home away from home for guests, and who doesn’t love the feeling of coming home to a freshly cleaned house? Before the first guest checks in, we fully stock the suite with all the essentials for a guest’s stay. We provide shampoo, conditioner, body wash and towels, and we purchase our linens from the very best vendors, replacing them regularly to ensure our guests sleep on clean, crisp sheets every night. And providing high-end essentials to guests allows us to charge high-end rates, making you money.


    QuickStay’s professional cleaners follow an initial cleaning checklist, using top-of-the-line cleaning supplies to make the place feel brand new. We believe that every guest should feel like the first. We dust, wipe, clean and polish every surface in the home. All floors are swept, vacuumed and polished, and if you have carpets or rugs, we make sure they’re washed and cleaned spotless.


    Our cleaning services are unmatched. We work with cleaners who understand the demands of an Airbnb property cleaning service. They are always on call, ready to accommodate constant turnovers, making sure to finish cleans in time for every check-in.



    Interior Design

    Next up, our world-class design team is dispatched for decorating and staging.

    After the space has been cleaned top to bottom, we invite our talented interior design team to transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary. We partner with a boutique firm of interior design experts that specialize in designing bold and unique spaces. They are at the cutting edge of interior design trends, updating décor like furniture, lighting and wall colour to optimize the living space for guests. Whether the space is a condo, apartment, house or cottage, our experts have interior design tips for all properties.
    Our designers perform an initial walk-through, getting a sense of the space and surrounding neighbourhood. They choose themes and colours by assessing location, size, layout and natural lighting, creating a unique design for each space. By the time they’re finished, your property will be transformed into a chic and modern luxury suite.
    We see interior design as an integral part of our marketing strategy. By creating one-of-a-kind, 5-star accommodations, your property skyrockets to the top of the listing rankings. Our luxurious aesthetic ensures our properties stay in demand all year-round, beating out the competition in the low season.
    Once your property is restyled, it becomes a reflection of our company standards for high-quality luxury suites—standards we’re proud to enforce. We push the limits of creativity to bring short-term rental property management to the next level.


    Our talented photographer takes breathtaking photos of your property.

    Incredible properties deserve incredible photography—that’s why we provide professional property photos. At QuickStay, we place huge value in capturing the very best angles of our properties. After our design team has transformed our investors’ properties into luxurious, 5-star accommodations, we use professional property photography to capture the suite’s stunning features, propelling listings to the top of the search ranks.
    A picture says a thousand words, and the pictures of our properties will keep guests talking for weeks. At QuickStay, when it comes to marketing properties, we’ve learned from the best. According to Airbnb, listings with professional property photos can earn 40% more than listings with amateur photos. When booking a vacation rental, travellers look for spaces they feel they’ll be comfortable in. First impressions matter. If the traveller can’t picture themself in your property, then they won’t book.
    By leveraging the right light and angles, we make your listing stand out. With years of experience in the industry, we understand what guests look for when searching for an accommodation. They want comfortable but classy; a clean, luxurious-looking space where they can still kick off their shoes and relax on the couch to watch Netflix. We create that home away from home, and it shows in our stunning property photos.    
    We understand the importance of displaying the best features of your property—that’s why we capture jaw-dropping photos to share with our booking partners. QuickStay’s professional photographers use natural light and creative shots to bring your space to life. With breathtaking photos of your newly designed suite, we’re able to book first-class travellers from around the world at the highest rates.
    Our photos perform well on booking platforms like Expedia and Airbnb, grabbing guests’ attention and holding it until they book. With your property rarely left vacant, let the payouts roll in.

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