We screen all reservations, verifying guests and payment

    Guest Info

    The guest verifies their reservation through our dedicated guest portal.

    You’ll be amazed by the number of reservations that flood in once we give your property a little promotional boost. While this is exciting, it’s important to understand that not every reservation should be accepted. Your property’s safety and security is still our number one priority. That’s why we make sure we’re not renting your suite out to anyone who poses a risk to the integrity of your property.


    When a guest books your suite, we send them a link to QuickStay’s dedicated guest portal. Here, guests will be prompted to provide their contact information, verify their reservation details and review the house rules. Through the portal, guests must acknowledge that they understand exactly what they’re booking (a luxury suite in a residential area, not a hotel). Guests must also confirm that they will comply with all of our rules. We have a zero tolerance policy for rules violation.


    If the guest fails to answer any questions in the guest portal, they are immediately contacted by our guest support team for additional verification. This gives us the opportunity to clarify details with the guest. If we pinpoint discrepancies in the reservation, we cancel the booking. We want to feel good about the guests who enter your space.



    Guest Screening

    Powered by Autohost, our trust and safety team screens all guests, flagging any high-risk reservations.

    At QuickStay, we pride ourselves on booking the right guests. Too often you hear horror stories about nightmare Airbnb guests throwing parties, damaging property or disrespecting the neighbours and building staff. That’s the risk you run when you rent out your property to anyone. You wouldn’t let a long-term renter move in without verifying their ID, so why a short-term renter?


    At QuickStay, our goal is to protect your property, your building and your neighbourhood against fraud and potential damage. That’s why we thoroughly screen every guest who books one of our suites. We’re one of the few property management companies that does. We screen guests using a program called Autohost, which was specifically designed for our company’s need to verify guests’ identities. Powered by AI and machine learning, Autohost uses hundreds of tests and data points to ensure guests are exactly who they say they are and run a background check on airbnb guests if necessary. If something doesn’t add up with the guest’s information, Autohost flags the reservation as risky.


    As a supplement to Autohost, our guest support team is trained and qualified to spot any anomalies or suspicious behaviour in reservations. Depending on a guest’s risk score, as determined by Autohost, our guest support team will either prompt the guest for further information or proceed with the booking.


    Thanks to our trusted screening process, we’re able to have fewer booking restrictions, resulting in better guests, more bookings and fewer damages.


    Payment Collection

    We do the heavy lifting, collecting and verifying payment for each booking.

    After accepting a guest’s reservation, we immediately process their payment. All payments are made online by credit card with guests required to pay 100% of the booking fee upfront. This way, we guarantee payment for every reservation. As an added layer of security, we keep the guest’s credit card information for incidentals and charge them a damage deposit.

    For guests who book in error, we have a strict but considerate cancellation policy. If guests cancel more than a week before their reservation, they receive no cancellation fees, but guests who cancel within seven days of their reservation are charged 30% of the total.

    Short-term rentals, however, are prime victims for credit card fraud. To protect against this, we have the most advanced systems in place to verify each credit card. Assuming the card passes our rigorous tests, we continue with the payment process. Our foolproof trust and safety procedures, ensure your property stays pristine while earning you money.


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