We list your property online, making it bookable worldwide

     Listing Creation

    Our marketing team takes over, creating beautiful property listings.

    Now that your property is designed, staged and properly protected, let’s put your suite on the market. As travel enthusiasts and hospitality experts, we know how to attract the best guests. And it all starts with compelling property listings.


    Our marketing team crafts inviting descriptions of the space and neighbourhood, painting a picture of luxury and comfort to help guests visualize their home away from home. Alongside the descriptions, we have stunning, high-resolution photos, providing guests with an intimate view of your property’s best features. This gives us a competitive edge among local rental property listings.


    To keep your property in mint condition, we secure the best reservations for your suite. We set up booking restrictions through each online travel agency (OTA) so that only respectful and courteous guests enter your property. Guests must book at least one day prior to check-in, review our house rules, and pay all mandatory fees, including a cleaning fee and a refundable damage deposit. Before we confirm their reservation, we screen the guest, ensuring they’re the right fit for your suite.  



    Booking Channels

    Your property is listed as a QuickStay suite, bookable via over 150 booking websites.

    Once we hit “publish,” your property is officially listed as a QuickStay suite, giving it an automatic advantage over other property listings. With our extensive network of hospitality partners, QuickStay creates multiple listings for every property onboarded. Our suites are promoted on more than 150 booking platforms around the world. Guests can book their stay through websites like Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia and, of course, QuickStay.ca, using a desktop or mobile device.

    At QuickStay, we guarantee your property will receive unprecedented exposure. We’ve mastered our booking platforms and leverage their tools to enhance each listing. Thanks to well-written descriptions, professional photography, clickable maps, interactive booking calendars and detailed guest reviews, we ensure your property stays at the top of the search results.

    Every guest who stays with QuickStay has the option of writing a review about their experience. Once you have a few, these can serve as a great persuasion tool for hesitant bookers debating between two or more accommodations. A review section full of 5-star ratings increases a booker’s trust in your property. At the same time, one negative review has the power to drive them away. That’s why, at QuickStay, we pride ourselves on providing 5-star service and receiving 5-star reviews on all of our booking channels.


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