Learn About Expedia - How to Increase Bookings to Your Short-Term Rental by Listing on Expedia

Expedia Property Management

The year 1996 was an interesting one; scientists were cloning sheep, Jerry Maguire asked everyone to ‘show him the money’ and Microsoft launched a small travel website. In the beginning, Expedia was just that: a small travel website. It gained its name when the developers came up with a derived combination of ‘exploration and speed’. Microsoft was trying to put its stamp on the booming dot-com era of the 1990s. A few years after its launch, Expedia was trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market. It was one of the few dot-coms to not only survive, but actually thrive in the next millennium.


Expedia grew quickly, making a series of high-profile online acquisitions when it purchased Travelscape.com and VacationSpot.com for over $153 million in company stock back in January 2000. Eventually, a majority of Expedia’s stock was bought by a company that would be later known as IAC, allowing the new company to package Expedia with another one of its acquired brands, TripAdvisor. Growth continued throughout most of the decade with the purchase of Venere and CarRentals.com, and the company was added to the S&P 500 index.

Even so, Expedia wasn’t immune to the financial crisis of the late 2000s. he company’s stock plummeted to historic lows. Luckily, Expedia’s financial losses recovered much faster than others, with the company quickly climbing back up.

Today, Expedia books everything from airline tickets and hotel reservations to vacation packages and short-term property rentals. The company provides short-term property owners with the ability to showcase their properties to an international audience — bookable on 200 plus company-owned booking sites in over 75 countries and in 35 different languages.


Like Airbnb, Booking.com, and HomeAway, Expedia has a very intuitive backend that provides various options for listing your short-term property. The Expedia Partner Central is a platform designed exclusively for property owners. Its user-friendly interface gives owners the ability to manage the property’s details and reservations, and analyze monthly performance.

Visuals are everything on Expedia; listings with high-quality photos will generally outperform those without. Uploading professional photos of your suite is essential during the onboarding phase. When setting up a new property listing, pictures from a smartphone or tablet won’t do the job. At QuickStay, we have a strong track record of generating quality bookings on Expedia. We bring in the best guests by having attractive, true to life property listings. When we list a new property, we professionally design and stage the vacation rental. We bring an element of luxury to every rental suite, hiring professional photographers to make your listing stand out from the other Toronto short-term rental properties.


Property management software is another key element to achieving success on Expedia. When adding a new property to your database, it’s important that all information is consistent across booking channels. The last thing you need is to have discrepancies among your pricing and availability. A double booking can have a very negative effect on your rental’s future, and cost you a significant relocation charge. Partnering with QuickStay eliminates any apprehension. Our team uses the most cutting-edge software in the hospitality industry to update all properties in real-time, ensuring your listing is 100 per cent accurate across all channels.


Expedia is a dominant online brand in the hospitality space, and serves as common go-to for travellers planning their vacation. Just being on
Expedia allows your short-term rental instant access to some of the most engaged travellers in the world. Often, even people searching for accommodations at hotels stumble upon independent vacation properties — which can be seen as great alternatives. At the end of the day, people want to book accommodations that are conveniently located, clean and comfortable. If your listing checks all of the boxes, plus offers the added values of space, luxury and in-suite amenities, it threatens the more traditional options.


As with every booking site, Expedia reviews can make or break your property listing. They convey an instant level of credibility and trust to your potential guests. If it seems like a previous guest enjoyed their stay, we encourage them to write a review. Good reviews on Expedia encourage more bookings, which increases our visibility on the channel. QuickStay’s team takes care of everything from check-in to checkout, working hard to provide a memorable experience for all of your guests. In other words, we’re review-driven.


Google plays an important role in the hospitality world. The higher your short-term property ranks in Google, the better it will perform. Expedia has been around for a long time, and has earned a notable reputation. Your listing benefits from the brand’s credibility, something that Google values highly when ranking online content. It’s common for travellers to land directly on your Expedia listing from a simple Google search.


At QuickStay, we use Expedia as one of our many tools to keep your calendar full of high-paying guests throughout the year. Short-term properties around the world benefit from an association with one of the travel industries best known and respected online brands. We’ve built a strong partnership with Expedia, using the relationship to best optimize our listings for bookers.